Welcome to Exitium.TV

Firstly, Welcome to Exitium.TV!

Exitium.TV was originally established back in 2017, We were formally known as Alienated Network which was a YouTube Network under Freedom! Family, however, due to a policy change at YouTube Alienated and many to her networks, were either forced to change their business or while there’s been ups and downs with our media company due to not having a clear or due to the lack of direction, motivation and or support and eventually we had to cease operations.

A new journey with new beginnings does await Exitium.TV which is why I’ve started to rebuild its website along with community forums for the new community that we hope to make for new and returning members. Starting off with we plan to produce quality YouTube Videos to our main YouTube Channel and articles for them videos on this website. These videos can consist of tutorial/guides type videos, reviews, unboxings and more.

Anyway hope you are all excited to hear about this and either if you are new or returning to us we hope we can give you the best videos, articles and so on!

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